My 5-Minute Surrender Meditation To Bring In Peace

Photo: Pierre Debusschere

Photo: Pierre Debusschere

I have been settled in my new home in Salt Lake City for over a week now and there has been a constant chain of things lining up for miles in my mind to make my house feel like a home for my daughters (and add another hundred miles of mama guilt).

It's like a playlist stuck on the shuffle button in the center of my mind. ALL DAY LONG. 

Last night, I lit up some incense on my altar, sat down to commune with my soul to release everything I thought I needed for my home and my life right then and there. 

I returned to a visualization I wrote for my book of prayers a little while ago that liberated me from my self-imposed pressure to get everything done in the blink of an eye without feeling at rest until it all gets done. 

Life happens and the things we do really need rush at the forefront of our mind, obstructing the larger picture and what we do already have in our life. 

The rush of life turns into a mountain sitting atop our peace and our presence. 

I usually like to do this meditation about once a week but my nomadic life got the best of me these last two months. I know that as I invite my attachments to move away from me, I simultaneously invite what is meant to be to stay and remain within my space in a healthier manner. 

May it serve you. 


Dear Divine that is all around me and within me, 

I invite everything I think I need to be released from my heart, from my mind, and from my shoulders now. I release my attachments into the void of the Universe so that what is meant for me may remain and come to me freely. 

Now we bring into the forefront of our mind all the individuals, the relationships, the things, the outcomes, the house, the problems that are obstructing our personal power and ability to perceive that all is as it should be. 

We see the romantic partner, the perfect job, the contract, the house, and all things we are attached moving farther into the universe surrounded by stars as it all moves away and become smaller and smaller. 

We feel the weight lifted from our shoulders and our mind feels weightless once again. Peace is now entering our inner space and our heart feels at ease. We rest in the abundance of solutions that will arrive as we open our willingness to receive. 

We rest in our meditative space for a few more minutes now, knowing that our mind and heart are free to receive what Life has already given us in the eternal timeline. 

It is ours to welcome and to receive, in perfect timing. 
And so it is,



Lyna Rose