The Truest Purpose of Spirituality: Integrating Soul & Body

My truest spiritual practice is to keep my inner spiritual life and my daily existence interlaced together. To become an integrated being. 

“Just as you breathe in and breathe out, Sometimes you’re ahead and other times behind, Sometimes you’re strong and other times weak.” - Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

. Infinity = mixing our pain into the fold of our loving self. 



Oh the luminous binaries of living. Everything has an opposite whose gift is to show us that we need to live deeply until time runs out. 

I know that I chose this experience of embodying matter in a seemingly mad mad world. I know that I chose a crazy intelligent and beautiful machine called the human body to infuse compassionate sovereignty into my being-ness so that it may blast the world with that light. So that compassion may be the first place I react into. 

Masculine - Feminine. 

Light - Dark. 

Love - Indifference.  

Above - Below. 

Abundance - Fear. 

Projection - Reception. 

Father Sun - Mother Earth. 

Thinking - Feeling. 

Chronological time - Eternity. 

The more I learn about wisdom from both the spiritual and material world, the more deeply I acknowledge that I am alive to align my outer world with my inner world. To let my mortal living sing the bright notes of my soul.  

When I was deeply entrenched into the New Age movement, my preference was often to retreat from the material world to avoid the reality of life that I didn't want to face.

It was easier to sweep them underneath the rug of spirituality under the pretext that the world wasn't real so that I wouldn't have to transform myself from the inside out.

I thought at the time that I was too spiritual for the world.

I would spend afternoons meditating, playing with my ten decks of oracle cards, and eating leaves of spinach while listening to mantra songs playing. Although these times were necessary as building blocks of my inner practice, I am aware that I avoided many wounds, relationships, and blockages because I only wanted to face what felt good, what was convenient, and what didn't demand too much change. 

What if the work of my lifetime was not to become a walking prowess of spiritual attainment but to become fully human and fully Divine? 

Maybe my true flourishing is synonym with allowing the eternities to drop deeply within my humanity so that my every move, breath, thought, whisper express the Earthly manifestation of Divinity?

I am recording these thoughts nearly five years after my so-called spiritual awakening and my daily commitment is integration. Osmosis of both my worlds: being the same on the inside as on the outside even if that means my spiritual learning must be slowed down. 

I was so thirsty for metaphysical knowledge and magic that I didn't take the time to integrate the layers of what I was learning. I was skipping from one principle, one mind-shifting lesson to the next without letting them sink in. Maybe that's why I often felt that I was not healing or learning fast enough. My mind was moving faster than the organic process of my internal transformation. 

I hope that this will be my forever practice. To continuously fuse my inner life with my outer living. To be aware enough of my emotions, to drop them into my belly, the cage of my heart to set them free for good. 

All paradoxes must be reconciled to come back to wholeness, no? 

If I want to have any claim to wholeness and integrity, then my outer world must match my inner world  as closely as possible. I think that it also the basis for a solid esteem and respect of self. When I can trust that my movements of mind, heart, and body are matching. 

Life is about softening the distance between my intentions, the wisest truths whose shimmering effect I have experienced and my daily actions -- I KNOW that this magic fusion is one of the surest ways for me to emit light on a daily basis. People feel when I am sharing from my heart. When my words are the dancing partners of my soul's deepest truth. You feel it. 

Here are a few markers I use to help me live a true life. 

  1. Hold yourself as sacred. Your mind, your body, your wounds, your movements, your voice...view them as sacred. Don't make any separation of what is sacred, love-worthy and what is not. All of it is. That's how we heal. 
  2. Daily silence to cultivate our inner wisdom and our recognition of its voice. How can I let my Truth and light grow from within me outwardly if I don't spend intimate time with it? 
  3. I don't read spiritual material as much as I used to. I let what I know to be true sink in and arise as life happens. Deeper, more tailored principles and meditations arise from within me as I need them. 
  4. I lean back and I let life show me. It knows so much better than I do. 

Lean back a little. You have it all within already. If you only knew. 

Much love,

Lyna Rose