My Secret To Release Toxic Attachments

+ French Guy Part II. 

I want to share the secret technique that I have used to release unhealthy attachments. I have tried every other technique on the personal growth market and this is the simplest yet most effective one that I have tried for myself. 

In most cases, attachment is not love but it is the desire to control the other person so that our fears may feel safe. True love allows the other person to feel free and empowered to become the best possible version of themselves. 

This exercise will not cut love away but ONLY the toxic attachment you may feel towards a person or a situation. Because the brain doesn't distinguish the difference between what is real and imaginary, this technique will remove energetic attachments if you trust, do, and let go. 

Originally created by Canadian writer and speaker Jacques Martel, the "Little Stick Figure" technique helps remove conscious and unconscious ties to create more space for healthy love. 

It is important to do the exercise with a pen and paper as the subconscious remembers 90% of what we write. We are working on both conscious and subconscious levels here. 

6 Steps. One sheet of paper and a pen. 


1. Draw yourself on the left side of the paper with your first and last name under the stick figure that represents you. Trace your face, your eyes, your nose, a smile, your legs, your arms, and your body as per the photo here. Do the same with the other person (or it could a be a situation, a job, a car, etc...). Write his/her first and last name under their stick figure as well. 

Draw yourself and the person you wish to release

Draw yourself and the person you wish to release


2. Now we are going to trace a circle of light around ourselves: trace a circle around yourself and because we don't want to tell our subconscious that we are locked in something, we are going to add some sparks of light all around that circle. This lets the Universe know that we are open to whatever is best for us. We don't know what the best is but that's what we want. 

Draw a circle of light around yourself 

Draw a circle of light around yourself 


3. Now trace a circle of light around the other person as well. Draw sparks of light around their circle as we wish the best for them as well. 

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

4. The next step is to trace a circle of light around yourself and the person. Draw a circle that joins the both of you. Again, we want to inform the universe that we desire the highest outcome for the relationship so we trace sparks of light all around that circle. Tracing a circle of light = I simply want the highest outcome and I let the Universe show me what that looks like. 

FullSizeRender (5).jpg


5. Almost done! You are going to trace the attachment ties that connect your 7 energy centers to the 7 energy centers of the other person. There could be more intense attachment on the level of certain energy centers such as the throat energetic center (speaking your truth, confidence) or your lower chakras where material needs are concerned. Trace 7 lines between the energetic centers. Count them at the end as the subconscious sometimes makes me skip an energetic center because it doesn't want to let go. 

FullSizeRender (6).jpg


6. Now cut the page in half right at the center of the 7 energetic lines. That informs the conscious and subconscious levels that the attachments no longer exist. The cords are cut! You can get rid of the papers since the work is done. 

Voilà!! You are done!! There have been times when I did the process again a few days later when I still felt some attachment. 


Speaking of attachments, I definitely had to do the exercise I share above this post when I arrived in the States...leaving my French man some 8,000 miles behind. NO he didn't come with me. 

And for public information, we are over now. I still have to share this story. He reminded me of what was possible in a man, and for that, I am forever grateful

Where did I left off last week? Oh right. The said French journalist left my family's country house after blatantly ignoring me for four hours. As I walked him back to his car, he said he would call me on the morrow. 

I thought to myself, "He thinks he is going to see me again?! He is funny." 

He calls the next morning as he promised, and I asked him why in the world would I go out with a man who comes over to my family home and spends the evening talking to everyone but me?? I needed one valid reason to give him a second chance and he did. He explained that he lived in the Middle East for 11 years before moving back to France just a few months ago, and one glance at a woman in the presence of a male relative was perceived as disrespectful over there. He asked for one conversation over coffee and I said ok. 

Well, he actually invited me over to meet his mother that evening and he cooked us a meal!!!!!!!

I was swooning. Just a bit though. The joke was on me now. Tables had turned and I did freak out as I prepared to walk into his white farmhouse. His mother, an engineer with a couple of Doctoral Degrees, didn't seem too keen to meeting a woman that evening. I suddenly remembered why I hadn't gotten remarried since my divorce 5 years ago: the mother-in-law!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm kidding. His sweet mama ended up loving me AFTER I shared my Mary Magdalene stories as her and I sat over a low glass table covered with white candles. I took her back to Provence in the cave of Mary Magdalene, to my journey from struggle to faith...and we bonded. Of course. By that time, I was really growing impressed and infatuated with him. His mind was so enormously brilliant -- genius level and he was the funniest man alive. I have to comprehend where he gets the material, the jokes, and the knowledge he draws from...without any preparation whatsoever. A brilliance of mind to be reckoned with. And he had that magnetic elegance in his gestures, in the way he laughed, and rolled his eyes. His dark wavy hair and facial hair gave him the classic French male look. 

Ugh. Why ten days before I left?? 

The next morning, he says that he has a special place he wants to bring me to for breakfast. He said that I was not just any woman so he simply wasn't going to take me to just any café. He had a special place planned for a breakfast picnic. He stops by a bakery and a café to pick up pastries and two espressos but doesn't let me get out of the car. He wanted to take care of me that sweet!!!! He blasts some Despacito in the car and slows down before turning left into a long, long driveway lined with trees that led to a vacant 18th century chateau.

We find some old stones to set our coffee, croissants, and chouquettes on, and we share his years in Syria, my years in America, and the most romantic view: a stray black cat coming at us from apparently nowhere. The kitty kept rubbing the side of his/her chin against my legs, a furry infinity symbol around my bare leg. The cat showed no sign of returning to its home so we began to search for his/her owner. We walked across the property and found a construction worker but he didn't know who the cat belonged to. French gentleman over here is an animal lover so he said he would feel at peace until he found the owner of the cat. 

Next? We went on an adventure to find the owner of the kitty!!!!!!