Weekly Musings // Monday, August 28th, 2017.

Maybe I Am Done Preaching Spirituality & The Craziest 1st Date Ever. 


It is Sunday and I am still responding to the 83 comments and counting that followed a fire-raising question on my Facebook page last night. The question was: "How is organized spirituality different from organized religion?" Effervescent, brilliant, and projections ensued leaving me wondering what I knew about spirituality anyway beside feeling mystical love when I close my eyes? 

Here I am laying on my couch after spending my morning watching Nazi war trial documentaries for my book research, wondering if I should drop the sharing of my spiritual path from the public eye altogether. 

Am I a blind student leading others? I have only been on my path five years now and it's barely toddler age in soul growth.

The purpose of spirituality for me is to physically, emotionally, and intellectually experience a love that is greater than my own so that I may show up in the world with less weight from my past. The form through which we choose to recognize and feel the Divine is truly no one's business. There may be a religious faithfuls in Uruguay, Senegal who believe they are part of the one true expression of the Divine, but does that mean that I am going to sense and recognize the Sacred within that frame of spiritual practice? No. So why would I impose my sense of Truth onto anyone? 

My daily spiritual practice and dipping my heart in multiple mystical and spiritual experiences are meant to open my heart and let a luminous love fill me so that I may, in turn, offer more love to the world.

Touching the Divine can occur in so many different forms. All paths are fine as long as they bring us closer to the Love within us so that we may let ourselves fall into the greater Love of the Divine. 

There are many ways to melt into the love and presence of the Sacred. To think there is only one is cutting ourselves short. And why would we want to do that? Are we afraid to have too much God? 

A spiritual teacher is one who has walked deeper into the presence of the Divine than we have -- that's why they can take us to places within ourselves that we have forgotten, that we have lost contact with. They are meant to take us to the Divine but they are not meant to become the Divine in any other way that we try to see the Divine in everyone. 

Have I walked far enough along my path to preach? I am now unsure my friends.

Maybe I should stick to writing fiction after all. Even though I've professed many times over that I would NEVER write fiction. But I feel such a fervent passion about contact with the Sacred that I basically can't help myself. Sorry to anyone I have offended.

Bohemian decor inspiration. 

I have been in my new home for 3 weeks now and although starting from scratch was terrifying at the beginning, it's been a joy to create my own home for the first time. My home in New York was mostly the expression of my previous marriage, and my home in France was fully furnished before I moved in. 

So now I get to create my own cosy, stylish home!! 

As many expats will attest, there's always a simultaneous longing for our native and adoptive country. I am already missing France, the 3ft-thick stone walls, the Provincial colors, and the charming sensation that centuries have witnessed the passing of life. There's something oddly comforting about being in a house that has been standing for centuries. Something we can't quite duplicate but are always longing for. So I have loved finding pieces of furniture, art work that recreate the feeling of old Europe in my own home. That's probably the perfect mix for me: American lifestyle and ease of living combined with the interior charm of Europe. While I am not posting photos yet of my own home, I would like to share a few photos, stylists, and websites that have helped me define my own European Boho style. 


Atlantis Home

Photo" Judy Aldridge

Photo" Judy Aldridge

My very favorite source of inspiration right now is Atlantis Home run by the talented Judy Aldridge. Aldridge's inspiration for Atlantis Home was the magical city under water, Atlantis. Beside her eclectic and perfectly put together Bohemian vibe, Judy shows that anyone can create a stylish decor without breaking the bank. She has recently shared the details of the complete re-haul of her  own home here, using only things she found at her local thrift stores. So inspiring. 


My French Country Home

Photo: Sharon Santoni

Photo: Sharon Santoni

I felt I was back in Provence as soon as I landed on that blog. Wow. I love that the blog features gorgeous photos but it doens't have an industrial, over-the-top perfect feel to it. Very French and rustic. It is English. 


Boho Collective

Photo: Laura Mazurek

Photo: Laura Mazurek

This is a Bohemian one-stop inspiration for interior decor, natural beauty, earthy living room arrangements, and clothes inspiration. Loved the nest section of their visually satisfying blog. 


Photo: Nina Holst

Photo: Nina Holst

Norwegian design blog created by Nina Holst. I love just scrolling through her photos for the earthy and cosy European colors. 

How I Invited A French Guy To Meet My Family On A First Date (and he proposed 4 days later)

I don't think I posted this story on Instagram but last month, I had a first date in Normandy. And guess what? I invited the guy over to meet my family without even having met him first. That's something I would never do in real life but I only had ten days left in France so I knew the relationship wouldn't anywhere. Since he was a popular French journalist, I knew we would at least have an interesting conversation. 

We met on Tinder after I downloaded the app to answer messages I had ignored for months, and a journalist 10 miles away had *super* liked me. Oh la la. He asked to call me after we exchanged a few lines, realizing that our diverse and international experiences would lead to a passionate conversation. I didn't have a car at the time so I said to him that he wanted to meet me,he would have to come to me (yes, a man anchored in his masculine won't mind -- actually he will feel like a man coming to you), and my uncle proposed to have him over. 

I bursted out laughing at the idea, thinking that we were all crazy. But I had nothing to lose since I was moving back to America the following week. I was not so interested that I was nervous about meeting him. I just thought it would be a lovely, one-time kind of experience. 

I prettified myself just a little and the mysterious journalist who had just bought a piece of land in Normandy after returning from a 7 year gig in the Middle East showed up that evening. Dressed up in a fitted button down shirt, dressy pants, a rolex and the class that too many French men possess, I thought, "Nice. I actually find him attractive, which is so rare." The dark- haired handsome Frenchie sits at the rustic diner table with my family members gathering around, me on his left, and my uncle presiding at the other end of the table. 

He manages to speak for nearly four hours, sharing incredible stories about escaping bullets in Syria, his friendship with a certain French minister, and being on the BBC regularly. A discourse that was so brilliantly delivered that none of us really spoke a word, except for my uncle who was able to to place a few remarks. 

A few hours into the one-man show, I was fuming. He hadn't spoken a word to me the entire evening and he was clearly trying to impress my entire family -- which seemed to have worked except for me.

After he left, no one knew what to say. Not sure whether we shocked that he didn't even address me or whether we were still recovering his James Bondesque life. 

He asked me out for coffee the next day...what do you think I said? 

The rest of the story next week! 

In grace and love,


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