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On Feeling Abandoned By The DivinE. 



Have you ever felt that God had abandoned you?

On my very last day visiting Saint-Maximin in June, I collapsed on the red velvet prayer kneeler facing the encased skull of Mary Magdalene, and I wept. I wept until no tear could escape from me, begging not to be taken from Her. Imploring the Gods to grant me the mercy to stay in Her presence in Provence even though my heart knew it was time to go onward to the US for my work. 

Her sacred sites became the birthplace of my power as a Woman and Her forest became the container for my soul to become alive and free.

What I have come to know for sure is that the sacred mind and heart never departs from us but we move away from its omnipresence. It is closer to us than the very movement of our own breath. 

The Divine never abandons us. We are the ones moved away from Its presence in our high heart. 

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